Had a Holly Jolly Christmas

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So...apparently in my negligence of this blog (and documenting our live all together) I forgot to share Christmas photos. I'm sure people have been waiting on the edge of their seats for this moment. 

We are really lucky for a lot of reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that we live so close to family. Both families. This means we get to spend holidays with each side. How cool is that? Told you we were lucky. And...we get spoiled, way more than we deserve. And so does our little lady. Already. 
FYI: Grandparents are suckers. 

And, it was so, so much fun spending our first Christmas together. (Remember how last year I was on the other side of the globe?)

Anyway. We spent the Christmas Eve-Eve and Christmas Eve with the Ackermans. 

some of my favorite pictures snapped:
We all got new pajamas. Not store bought. Homemade. Impressive.  

Grandma Smith  

Hailey and Lexi sporting their new pajamas  

Javid too 

Papa John lost his favorite spatula earlier in the year. I bet you can't guess what we got him for Christmas. 
PS: We had to get him a new spatula...this man makes a mean cheese omelet with his precious spatulas.  

Hailey made me this super cute watch 

Lexi's princess ensemble was completed when we gave her gloves, jewlery, and a purse to match. 
We couldn't locate the tiara though. 

This is a serious puzzle family. 

Then, we spent Christmas Even and Christmas day at the Harrison household. Did I mention how lucky we are to be able to do both? 

D. and I sporting our matching pajamas (gifted to us by Brandon)

As per tradition: the Harrison family puts on some sort of a skit on Christmas Eve. This year we were lucky enough to see the synchronized swimming performance of these six talented children.  

Morgan gets a little nervous to run errands in the neighborhood at night. (not like I'm one to judge...I get nervous crossing the hall to go to the bathroom during the night time hours)
This is what D-money sported to accompany her.  

Playing Creationary 

Morgan and Haylee always land the most stunning porcelain dolls. 
How do they get so lucky?

And apparently Syd lands the most glamorous of stuffed cats.  
She's obviously excited. 
Josh posing with his present he made for the parentals  

Dad and his recycled shirt.  
I think he secretly sports it and claims Pippin as his own. 

So, seriously. Not only were we overly spoiled with gifts, but we were so, so blessed to get to be with family. At the risk of sounding cliche, I guess that's what Christmas is all about. Whoa, cheesy. But true. 

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