Ever - Changing

by - 9:47:00 AM

I'm officially done with work. The husband and I both felt really strongly that it was right for me to stay home to raise Lady. I am anxious and excited to be able to do this. It was harder than I thought to leave the office, though. I've been there about three years, and the the people I work with have become my really good friends. I guess it's not really a surprise to anyone who knows me that I cried like a baby when I left the office that day. I don't handle change well at all.

My experiences there have been incredible, I've learned so much. But, I am excited to not have to exhaust myself every day, although, my days have been filled and somewhat equally exhausting still. Besides that, I hated seeing all the cute pregnant women come in the office, when I remained anything but cute. I was lucky enough to work for an incredible doctor. He was both a talented physician and terrific teacher. Besides that, he is one of the best providers I have ever witnessed. My hat's off to him. He treats me, and all of his other staff and patients really well. We feel so blessed to be able to continue our prenatal care with him and the rest of the staff at LWHC.

The staff and Dr. L. spoiled Lady and I rotten before I left. Seriously, I was so blessed with the opportunity to work there.

I was happy to realize, though, that I have been peed on by the last stranger in my lifetime. Like they say, change is good.

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