Life is a Highway

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This poor blog has lacked as of late. I'll work to improve that. Unlike the blog, however, life has not lacked. It has been exciting, emotional (well, for me anyway - but everything is right now), and new. Let's see if I can recap a little.

Husband has been applying for jobs across the board. We are excited and anxious for his pending graduation date in July. He is working hard this semester, and it looks like it is only going to get more intense. Between his full class schedule, working, job hunting, extracurricular activities he has been placed in charge of, and dealing with a nagging pregnant wife - he deserves some respect. I'm in awe of what he had managed to accomplish in such an exceptional way. It looks like all of his hard work is paying off. In the last month Dustin has had three job interviews. One of these brought on a second interview in Scottsdale, AZ. 

We made that trek this last weekend. Leaving on Wednesday afternoon, according to the husband's every so immaculate planning, we made it to Grandma Harrison's residences in Southern Utah. Did I mention D. deserves some respect? Because now he REALLY  does. He drove a lot of miles, with a very pregnant wife (who is not polite enough to keep the complaining to a minimum, or to herself) in a car that seems to be getting smaller by the day. My hat's off to him. Anyway, Grandma's is always an experience. (Family, and those who know this wonderful woman, will understand what I mean.) We were only there long enough to sleep, grab some breakfast at Little Wonder Cafe (as per tradition - and lack of options, I suppose), and some punch bags from The Dairy for the drive. 
We slowly made our way to the Grand Canyon (I had never been), taking plenty of stops along the way for this grumpy mom-to-be to get up and walk around (that plug was for the anxious mother's in our lives who wanted to make sure this happened frequently). I become more and more like my mother everyday, and had packed lunches and food for the way. Dustin found this quite hilarious and was sure to tell the whole family the clone I was becoming. I must admit, I am somewhat surprised to see myself literally making sandwiches on top of the car. I never thought I'd go this far. But, here I am. (Please don't comment on the 24 chins that have appeared. Sadly, I am not one of the lucky women who gains weight solely in her abdomen during pregnancy.)
The Grand Canyon was spectacular. As expected. 

One of my latest obsessions lately has been Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-in's and Dives. So, we stopped at a location in Flagstaff. We both agreed it was definitely as good as Guy made it out to be. 
We rolled into Pheonix area sometime that night, exhausted. Crashed at Dustin's ever-so-gracious Aunt Marilyn's place and the next morning D. had his interview (all. day. long. interview) at Vanguard. He came out of the the interview feeling happy with the way it went, and we are confident that if it is what is supposed to happen, it will. If not, there is something better out there for us (which....may be hard to beat in my mind right now. 90 degrees in March was very, very pleasant. Although, 115 in July...we'll see.) 
We made a quick trip out of it and after looking at some apartments in the area, we headed home Saturday Morning. Stopping at Hoover Dam to appreciate the new bridge that was built. But, it was incredibly windy and freezing, so we continued on, stopping in Mesquite for the night. 
And then we made it home on Sunday. Is it just me, or is the last leg of a road trip always the longest? I swear, the drive from Malad to our place was the longest drive of the trip. 

Anyway, this turned into a travel log, when it was supposed to be an ode to my amazing husband for working so hard, and putting up with me for what seemed like a million hours in a car. He is pretty dang cool. Like I've been telling him all weekend, any job he gets will be lucky to have him. He is doing more than his part, and this makes me confident that it will pay off and things will work out how they should. 
Meanwhile, I'm very happy to be sitting on my couch and not in the car. As are my hips. 

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