A Little Family Bonding Time

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I've been a little blue lately. I guess because I've always worked full time and gone to school; usually the two were going on at the same time. Now, for a second, I'm not doing either. Everyone tells me to enjoy this time. To use it to relax; to prepare for Lady's entrance into the world. Well. I'm doing that. And there's still a whole lot of time left over. I guess I'm having a hard time feeling like I have purpose.

I'm grateful for this time. I feel so blessed to have a husband that makes sacrifices and plans ahead so that we can have this time. I recognize that this is how we felt it should be, and that this is what was best for us and our new family. But, it's a change. And I guess I'm still adjusting.

My family came today for a visit. I'm sure it was planned for my benefit (but nobody ever said that, or made me feel like that). I'm sure my mom had listened to me moan and complain enough; but they didn't complain about doing it. They just hopped in the car (a large car) and trekked up here to spend the day with me. Am I lucky? I'd say so.

Did I mention that they carried with them 4 large garbage bags full of baby necessities donated by my ever loving, so generous, amazing aunt? (Thanks Traci! You spoil me rotten; and this baby...already!)

It was just what I needed. We ate lunch. We just hung out. We watched a movie (in the middle of the day, a guilty pleasure of mine). We played football outside. We went shopping. And we ate pizza for dinner. And played a few rounds of Pit (a game I'm sure was intended for my family; the large, loud group that we are).

It was perfect. And it was just what I needed. Literally, I feel like a new person right now.

I'll admit. I am spoiled; I do recognize it. I'm eternally grateful for those who bless me to be that way.

Thanks for the perfect day, family.

{Like always, I did a really bad job remembering to take pictures; so, not everyone is pictured. But, at least I got out the camera this time.}

PS, I missed you, Hay. Glad you're getting smarter and going to school, but still wish you were with us.

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  1. You should write more so I can read all your great stories (that I'm in) :)