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I'm a little late posting this. Better late than never, I guess (unless it comes to this baby...late may not fly with this new mom). 

We've had an eventful few weeks. Well, I guess my idea of "eventful" lately is somewhat warped. I get worn out a whole lot easier. But, I think this upcoming due date will put somewhat of a halt to that. 

Anyway, eventful or not, we've had a lot of fun with family and those close to us. 

I think I'll just re cap through some pictures. 

Luis is our informally adopted brother; he's been practically a part of our home since he was in grade school. He decided earlier this year to serve a full time mission for our church and got his mission call to Provo. I can't even begin to explain how happy I was for him. Prior to going on his mission, we went through the temple. I'm so glad Dustin and I were able to attend the session! The blessings of the temple are incredible, and I could see that in Luis immediately. 
Luis is now in the MTC (and loving it!). How cool is he?
Luis and his second parents

The next day my mom and adorable sisters gave Lady A. and I a perfect baby shower (with the help of the Ackerman's amazing sugar cookies). We were so spoiled! I couldn't voice my appreciation enough - and I can talk circles around most people. But, just know it was wonderful. 

Sadly the only pictures I have in my possession are the ones of the preparation. I'll need to snag mom's camera to get some of the others. 

Our gorgeous bassinet is a gift from mom and the girls

And the beautiful, ever young, mom - can I call her Grandma yet?
And, in case we hadn't had enough fun (Oh, D. was not overlooked and had fun too - he took the boys golfing while we partied) it was Easter weekend

As per tradition, we colored our eggs and rolled them - or rather, threw them (adapted tradition, I suppose).

Even Grandma Bonnie threw a few
And we hung outside for awhile - watching the girls' gymnastics

Still not enough fun. We then joined the Ackerman and Harrison families for an epic "adult" egg hunt at dark. Ackermans don't do anything small. Each egg had candy or a number - number was linked to a prize...So fun! Oh, and did I mention the glowing eggs? I mean, really, I married into such an entertaining family! 

Don't send out the adult men to hide the eggs though, I think they had too much fun. Syd can be witnessed in this picture retrieving one of the highest eggs. 

For some reason I don't have pictures of  a lot of our fun bonding this month. I must have pregnancy brain or something, and forget the camera. We also attended Luis' farewell, Dustin escorted Morgan to a concert of one of their favorite bands, we watched Hailey in her high school musical, and Brandon and Tori got engaged! 

Chase also got his mission call to Louisiana, Baton Rouge. These missionaries are going to be so great!

So this last weekend he went through the temple as well. There is nothing better than being in the temple surrounded by those you love. 
Some of the Ackermans in front of the Rexburg Temple
Whew. and now we are winding down. The semester starting (D.'s last - YAY!), work, and the impending due date  are keeping us buckled down and close to home. 

And maybe my grumpiness and fatigue plays into that a little...

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