And So...We Wait

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No. We haven't had the baby yet. I just wanted to clear that up. 

Oh, and also, if you want to tell me that you never went past 36 or 37 weeks in any of your pregnancies - remember that I'm currently sitting at 38.3 weeks, with no signs of labor besides the occasional braxton hicks that occur in the middle of the night, only to make me wish they didn't die off just when I'm about to wake up the husband. Please and thanks. 

Really though, pregnancy is great. And with pregnancy comes great expectations. But, I'm done. And I'm ready for my expectations to be fulfilled. I'm ready to meet this lady. I bet she's going to be cute, and I'd like to see her. Besides, sometimes she hurts me when she kicks from the inside. And she's only getting bigger. 

Oh, and did I mention that I have shingles? Yes. I do. Recently developed them, in fact. Just my luck. If anything can happen that is even remotely medically abnormal, it will happen to me. 

Needless to say, both my ever-patient husband and I are ready for this lady to make her appearance. 

Until then, we wait. While we wait, I put off school work, watch Rachael Ray, and The Office, and eat dill pickle potato chips and popsicles. I see other moms pushing strollers and long for the day I can push Lady to the snow cone shack. I watch iPhone commercials and mentally make lists of things I want to ask Siri when D. gets home with his phone. Sometimes, I get really adventurous and wander around Target for hours on end; I usually start in the baby section, get depressed, and end up looking at random school supplies or books. Can I just say how happy a new, adorable notebook makes me? I'm really not that hard to please, I guess. But, I make sure I never, ever get ready (you know when you're like 16 and you swear on your life that you won't -no matter what- be a homely pregnant lady? those dreams flew out the window for me about week 2 of this journey) because I can't stand looking at my swollen body/face/appendages for that long in the mirror. 

Oh, and while I'm busy leading a productive life, Dustin is job searching, working, and going to school - making a sturdy future for our family. And he's busy anxiously awaiting Lady's appearance as well. (side note - I gave him quite the fright the other day. one afternoon I called him on his way home screaming. I thought I was making sense, but apparently I was making zero sense because finally he cut me off with a, "ARE YOU HAVING THE BABY?!" I slowed down long enough to laugh, assure him there was no change, and that I'd simply seen our friend's dance dare on the Ellen Show. that shows the magnitude of the exciting things that go on in my afternoon. the Ellen Show is the peak of excitement.)

We take walks (or rather, I waddle). We go for drives. We watch family movies together, and I cry at anything somewhat sentimental. (has anyone seen "We Bought A Zoo?" I love it. That little girl...oh man.) I make freezer meals and make sure I stock up on hamburger helper and nutella for the husband. 

And we will keep waiting, I think. 

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  1. And hasn't a lot changed in the space of a year? I'm so excited to meet her and will breathe easier when she is safely here. Just relax--you won't be pregnant forever, even if it feel like it.

  2. I was about where you are now when my water broke with little A. The end stinks. I just hope you don't have to wait until 45 weeks before they induce you. Have you ever asked Siri her marital status? Or the best cell phone. Obviously, some programmer out there had fun creating her. Keep us posted. We'll be waiting too.