Day Celebrating Momhood

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I was wishing for a Mother's Day celebration from a hospital bed. This would include hospital food, gowns, and an adorable new baby girl.

But, instead, I was spoiled rotten by my adorable husband.

I woke up in a rotten mood, pretty bummed I was not greeted by Little Lady signaling to me that it is her turn to enter the world. This was about 4 am. I then laid in bed and played solitaire on my phone for hours, pouting. When Dustin woke up, I was already on the verge of tears due to the constant vomiting and continued pregnancy status.

I walked in the bathroom to find a Mother's Day present/gift card taped to the mirror along with a tear jerking note. Yesterday I received a gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers. He made breakfast, we ate, and I crawled back in bed. This is where I have remained all day. Did I mention my husband is still nice and perfect? He laid in bed with me, watched Grey's Anatomy all day, and held me. He reassured me every time a baby would appear on the screen, he even fast forwarded when a baby was sick so my freakish self would not freak out. He knows me so well.

We ate yummy roast for dinner and here we are.

Mother's Day Flowers

Crazy to realize that this time next year I'll be celebrating my momhood with a jabbering one year old.

And a special shout out to the mother figures in our lives. How lucky we are to have you. 

My mom. 

Mom, you've made me who I am today. You've become one of my very best friends. You are the definition of motherhood to me; I cannot wait for my daughter to know you - to try to be like you - just like I do every single day. I am becoming you, and I can think of no better role model. I love you. 

My mom-in-law: Patty

 I'm so lucky to have come from such a good mom, and join a family that is lead by an equally amazing woman. Your patience astounds me. Your generosity is incredible. You raised an amazing son, and then you welcomed me into the family with open arms. We love you. 

         Grandma Harrison and Grandma Bonnie 

Grandma Ackerman and Grandma Smith  

 We are lucky enough to have all four of our grandmas still be very much a part of our lives. We love and appreciate you. We cherish the time we get to spend with you. I know that if I could be a fraction of the mother figure these women are, I'd be doing alright.

And all the other women who have raised us. Who have had a hand in our lives. Who are mother figures to us. There are too many to count, but their influences did not go unnoticed today, or any day. 

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  1. That first picture looks nothing like your mom. Sorry that little stink refuses to come. You will be amazed by how much better you feel once you are not pregnant. All of the aches and pains disappear. The fact that you are up half the night is consoling compared to pregnancy. Keep us posted. This too shall pass.

  2. You are almost at the finish line, and yes, you have amazing women in your life (lucky you!), but I just can't get over those matching plain dresses!