The Day We Became A Family: The Delivery

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We ran home (well, drove really, really fast) calling our parents as we drove. This hadn't been in the plan; originally we'd wanted it to be really private, just the two of us (or three, I guess) knowing that I was in labor, but none of it was really going according to plan. Sydney answered the phone at my house; she gives an excellent report of the conversation, which can be read on her blog.

We got home, ate some dinner (thanks to Mom Harrison we had some easily ready dinners) and grabbed some last minute stuff. There was a moment I'll cherish forever. We were hurrying about, grabbing things and scarfing down food. Dustin was trying to distract himself so not to get too stressed, I think, so he had Hulu on. And then we paused, for just a second, we paused, looked at each other, and he held me. We were going to be a family. And then we knelt and asked for some help and comfort and blessings for the little angel that was about to enter our lives.

It wasn't until the drive to the hospital that I got nervous. I knew pregnancy; I knew pregnancy long before I was pregnant. But, I didn't know this part as well. We walked into the hospital, got checked in, changed into the glamorous gown, and settled in. They hooked up the babe to the monitor and attempted my IV - three times, finally landing it in the most inconvenient place available. Nice. And started the pit. It was now about 7:30pm.

Doc came in around that time, to check me. Still a two. Fine, I didn't really care at this point. The pit was still low enough I was feeling very little. Just some light lower back labor. Manageable. With little warning, he mumbled something about feeling a gush of water. And yeah. He didn't lie. And then I felt the contractions. And I got increasingly more uncomfortable. Around 8:30pm the nurse checked me again. By this point I had instructed Dustin to take me home, I didn't want to do this anymore. I had told him I couldn't do it. I was done. Anyway, she checked me - still a two. And I was ticked, to say the least.

Turns out most of my labor is in my back, and I was hating life. I knew I wanted an epidural. But, I also knew I didn't want the epidural to be worn off by the time of delivery. But my patience was wearing thin and I was on the verge of breaking my husband's hand. We tried a yoga ball to ease the pressure on my back. Around 9:00pm I told the nurse I was done and to call anesthesia. Thank goodness for modern medicine. He got there around 9:30pm and after a traumatizing 40 minutes I finally got an epidural put in place. (They tell you to hold still during the epidural...I think they forget you're contracting every 2 minutes and they are digging a 19 in. needing around your back, trying to place it.) Yup. 40 minutes. Needless to say, I was sweating so bad, it showed on the nurse's scrubs.

But, I'll repeat: thank goodness for modern medicine. As soon as the epidural worked I felt like a new woman. The nurse checked me again 30 minutes later: a six. All that labor had done something. I sighed a huge sigh of relief. I could do this.

Doc L. checked in on us again about 12:30am. Fully dilated, just waiting for the babe to descend. And we waited about an hour. And then I announced it time to push. I'll save the details, but I pushed for a long time. Long enough for us to realize we knew the nurse from Dustin's small hometown. The good doctor filled us in on his football team's stats and games. We joked and laughed. And then I was not in such a joking mood, and wanted to be done again.

Dustin finally gowned with the doctor (who lets the dad catch the baby with him). When we knew Dustin was going to catch the baby, we assumed he would stand then and kind of touch the baby as the Dr. did the work. False. A few minutes prior to the actual delivery, as they were getting gowned, Dust was being informed of the right way to hold the baby's head, how to turn it, and guide the baby out. How cool is our doctor?

At some point Dr. L. announced the baby had hair, and eventually she came. 2:46am. Cord wrapped around her neck, but she came. As soon as she was suctioned she let out a scream. And I bawled. The doc laid her on my stomach and I bawled more, infatuated already. They weighed her and cleaned her up with Daddy close at her side. He confirmed her name Abby Lynn (one we'd been heavily leaning toward most of the pregnancy). They brought her back to me, warm and bundled and I couldn't believe the perfection I saw.  All 6lbs 10oz of her.

Dr. L. finished up and hugged me. Telling me good job. That man is not only one of the best doctors, but best people I know.

We were able to love on her for awhile. Then Dustin and the nurse bathed her in the room. And then she was right back in our arms until we switched rooms. They took her to the nursery to run some tests and the new, proud parents grabbed a little sleep.

My excitement when they wheeled her into the room that morning is beyond description. I'd been awake, waiting. Not able to sleep. Both of us constantly commented on her beauty, perfection, and the love we felt for her. We called our loved ones that morning (including Grammy Abby, her namesake).

I've started another blog to record my thoughts to Miss Abby, my wishes and love for her. Although, there is no way to describe the tender experiences we had, the way she's changed us, and the ways our family has grown in so many ways since she came into our lives.

My reputation for being wordy has not failed me. In the end it's not these details that matter, but rather the feelings that accompany them. But, I've found they're far too tender for the written word.

Pregnancy is long. At times it's torture.But nothing can describe the miracle it ends in.

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  1. Congratulations to you both! She looks beautiful! And great job on the delivery! :)