The Day We Became A Family: The Preface

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I've been putting this off, somewhat, knowing 1) it would take me an eternity to write (and an eternity of time is hard to come by now - with a new addition to the family) and 2) I would cry. But, it needs to be done, so here I am. Besides, I might forget some of the details if I don't do it now - nobody told me pregnancy brain is life long and doesn't end with pregnancy.

If you don't want all of the gory details, excuse the post and go on to one less personal - pretty please. I'm doing this mostly for my own record.

The due date was May 18,2012. Since the day I started work at the OB office three years ago, I never thought I would EVER be pregnant until my due date. I couldn't understand the logic. I mean, if they are offering elective inductions starting at 39 weeks, why not take it? Then, I got married. And there were two people making joint decisions with me: the husband, the babe, and me. And we put a lot of prayer and included the Higher Power in the decision. And, I tried to resign myself to thinking I would not only carry this little girl until her due date, but go over (the one thing we were all on the same page with was going past the due date, induction it would be at that point - partly due to medical reasons and partly due to what little sanity I was clinging to).

I had an appointment with the good doctor on Monday May 7, his first day back in the office since his shoulder surgery. I was sure I was making no progress, but crossed my fingers and decided to be checked regardless. He was generous, stretched the truth (I think he was scared of my reaction, or just me I guess...) and told me I was dilated to a one. The liar. Besides, a one means nothing. But, Little Missy was still measuring 35 weeks externally. We were at 38.3 weeks that day. So, he marched me down to ultrasound, sure we would take the baby that day due to IUGR. But, Lady was blessed with an extremely large head, thanks to her mother's generous genes, and with that averaged in, she was measuring 37 weeks. So, we stayed pregnant.

Following that appointment, her movements decreased. A lot. I know that they are supposed to decrease, I did  fetal counts faithfully for three days, until Thursday when she wasn't moving except maybe once every three hours. I panicked, called the office, and headed straight in for a non stress test (this might be an exaggeration, and I may or may not have needed to be prodded by my ever protective husband to call the office). As soon as the hooked me up to the monitor, this little girl kicked it off. This happened repeatedly during the 20 minutes until I called the end, satisfied she was fine, and unhooked myself.

On my way out of the office, walking out the back door, I pulled some strings bribed the PA (who was sitting in his office), and family friend, to perform an "extra aggressive cervix check" (since I wasn't 39 weeks technically it wasn't stripping the membranes). He gave me a little better news, telling me I was at an easy one and 75% effaced. Hallelujah, at least I was doing something on my own. I could do this. And then nothing more happened. For two days, nothing happened. I received a text from this friend of ours, asking why I hadn't had a baby. This was on Saturday. He then took it upon himself to let us into the office, and stripped the crap out of my membranes. Literally, I almost kicked him. And I was sure I was going to have that baby.

So, that day we walked. We walked the mall, we went for a walk, I walked around downtown taking Brandon's engagement pictures, I sat on a yoga ball constantly. baby. Did I mention that that day we went to the hospital to register; while there I saw a patient from the OB office I'd known while I worked there. She was due 2 weeks after me...she walked past me out the main entrance, carrying a baby in a car seat. No lie, I almost bawled in the hospital waiting room. I'm telling you, I was losing it.

Monday I saw Doc. L. again. As he walked into our exam room I announced, "I want to have a baby." He acknowledged this, and I promptly followed this statement with, "Today. I want to have a baby today." He chuckled and said he would see what he could do. Babe was still measuring a little small, she was head down, and I was finally dilated to a two (I know, nothing to get excited about, but it was some change...and that's what I needed). All these things made him OK inducing, if I was. Only problem: it was 4:45pm on a Monday. Being a first time mom, I wasn't likely to delivery until the wee hours of the morning, that's a pretty rude step for me to make knowing how much it would put him out - and he's been so good to me. He told me he'd make an exception for me and generously offered me the option to go to hospital that evening to get induced. My only hesitation: I would not be sent home. If I went to the hospital, started pitocin, labored all night, and didn't progress and they sent my home...I think I would have gone over the edge. No, actually I know it. But, he promised to break my water that evening, so there would be no choice but to be delivered that night.

With a quick glance at the husband to confirm the decision, I told him I was going home to get some food and then heading over.

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