Abby Meets the Fam

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I should be doing productive things. Like the laundry, my homework, or even ceasing to eat this cookie dough I've been eating for 15 minutes. But, my baby is almost three weeks old and I haven't even touched on our lives since that day.

But, I have something better than boring, wordy updates that drag on and on. I think I'll let this post be solely based on Abby's first meetings with some of the greatest people we know. So, no detail over load, but maybe picture over load.

The day of the delivery our families came up. We had to make sure to alternate times otherwise we would have been a little overwhelmed...or the nurses might. But Dustin and I are the oldest of large families, and love it. I think this little lady will love it too. She's already uber spoiled by her aunts and uncles -- we won't even talk about Grandma's and Grandpa's (they're ridiculous with the spoiling!).

Grandma Patty and Lexi (Lexi thankfully now understands that Abby is her cousin and not baby sister)

Aunt Hailey and Lacey 

Grandpa John 

Uncle Brandon 

Uncle Josh--apparently it was crazy hair day at school and he wanted to make a good first impression with Abby, so he left it.

Aunt Syd

Uncle Kendon

Great Grandma Bonnie 

Grandma H. was about willing to fight for her turn to hold the babe. PS- How precious is this picture?

Grandpa Lance is very hesitant to be a Granpa, or at least to acknowledge he's a grandpa, but I think his genuine feelings can be seen here.

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  1. I think your dad will make the best grandpa! Abby will be spoiled since (hopefully) none of the other Harrisons will be procreating anytime soon.