Celebrating the New Dad in Our House

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Yesterday was obviously Father's Day. 
We had a lot of fun hanging out as a new family, celebrating the fact that the best dad in the world lives under this roof. 
He was sweet to amuse Abby and I. 

Abby gave Daddy Legos. 
They're his favorite childhood toy. 
Although she gave him a girly set, they both can't wait till they can create together. 

She was really enthralled
He received a gift certificate to go golfing, Hershey's Nuggets (one of his favorite), and a NYC puzzle (another favorite). Oh, and a must needed gift card for some dress clothes. What can I say, one you grow up you don't get all fun things anymore. At least it wasn't a gift certificate for socks. 

 After church we spent the day lounging on the bed, watching the US Open. 
Happy Father's Day, right?
(Despite the assumptions you may have drawn due to jokes in earlier blog posts, I pay more attention than a lot of wives who have never golfed before. And yes, I have agreed to attempt to pick up the sport.)

All in all, I had the best day. I hope my husband did too. 
But, truthfully, I have the best day with him everyday. 
He's the best daddy to our little girl. I hope I can tell her how much he's love her since day one. 
He treats me like a queen; he respects me, waits on me, and makes me feel as beautiful as ever (even after I've been awake all night with a baby, laid in bed all morning, and haven't showered by 5:00pm).

Dustin is a peacemaker. He is calm. He can calm me down (quite the feat, for those who know me). He only gets upset when you open the bag of sunflower seeds all the way. He is patient and loving. He will never say anything bad about anyone. He is brilliant. He is determined to be an exceptional provider for our family. He is prepared, always. He is motivated. 

I often fail to show him, let alone tell him, how much I adore him. 
I would say I love him as much as I did the day he first held my hand
I would say I love him as much as I did when he asked me to be with him forever.
I would say I love him as much as I did I promised him to be happily by his side for eternity.  

But I won't. 

I love him so much more. 
When I told him we were having a baby. When we found out Miss Abby was a little lady.
 I loved him even more. 
But, when I saw him become a father. When I saw him carry my daughter to me. 
When I see him run to her every day. 

My love grows beyond words. every. single. day. 

My perfect boyfriend became the perfect fiance, to the perfect husband,
to an unimaginably perfect dad in only a couple of years. 

  Happy first father's day, Dustin! 

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  1. I love this. Abby doesn't look too impressed by Dustin's tower. In a few months she will be putting those legos in her mouth.

  2. I just reread this today and wanted to add that Dustin is also fiercely protective of his family. He was the best big brother a girl could ask for and he is already an awesome dad!!