Day of Birth: 23 Years

by - 9:43:00 PM

It was a lazy birthday day. 

We slept in and took our time getting ready for church. 

On top of all of the fun from yesterday, I was spoiled even more. 
My favorites. 
Plus a gift certificate for a hair cut and color. 
This was so, so desperately needed. 

The husband waited on me all day. 
He even pretended I needed help holding the hymn book to hold my hand. 
How singles wardly precious is that?

 And, as per Harrison tradition, he made me a homemade sign. 

Our friends stopped by later with rice krispies and a candle (which I got to blow out with the help of their 2 year old son). 

After I napped with Abby, we took a lazy Sunday walk. 

What is wrong with this day?
Nothing. It was amazing. 

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  1. If you didn't already fit in perfectly with our family (which you totally do by the way)... the Diet Dr. Pepper makes that fact even greater! lol. Love ya, Happy Birthday!