Giant Yard Sale

by - 10:46:00 PM

Dustin and I don't do date nights much anymore. 
Well, we try to spend a couple nights a week together (sometimes doing things a simple as the three of us cuddling on the couch watching Lost). 
But, we don't really get out for formal dates anymore. 

We do try to get out though. 
And summertime is the amazing time to have a baby; we spend many a days with the stroller in tow for our adventures. 
And today presented the perfect opportunity. 

Yard sales on Saturday mornings are pretty typical and expected for both of us (growing up with the moms that we did). 
And today we hit the mother of all yard sales. 

Turns out the town we live in throws a town wide, giant yard sale. 

A glimpse of other's junk, our treasure

How jealous are our mothers right now?

And, like any Mormonville party, it would not be complete without a bounce house, snow cone shack, and some grilled corn on a stick for sale. 

We wandered up and down the packed parking lot in awe of all of the used...things. Everything imaginable. Someone was selling a bathtub. 
We broke away with no purchases, although the husband was rather disappointed to be leaving without a corn stick. I could tell. 

Abby slept beautifully the whole time, and even endured a quick mommy-daughter jaunt to the mall later to wrap up some quick father's day shopping. 

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