Lucky To Be Me

by - 11:17:00 PM

I'm such a lucky girl. 
Have I mentioned that before? 

I'm super overwhelmed. I know that I've mentioned that lately.
Last night Abby had a very rare fussy/crying/tantrum/high maintenance night. 
And I had so, so, so, so much to do. 
We leave for a week starting tomorrow, you see.
And I hadn't started anything. 
No homework. No packing. NO NOTHING.

And so, while I was out driving around with her (putting her to sleep) I called my beloved Papi. 
I told him I was stressed, that's it. 

And then I came home and cried to my loving husband. 
And stayed up until morning hours working.
And then my husband stayed home this morning to help me for as long as he could, putting off his own work.
Even though his work load is 20x mine. 

And then, as I was nestling down with the babe in my lap and trying to work on some homework, 
my doorbell rings. 
When I open it I find Morgan and Papi standing there. 

They were accompanied by cinnamon rolls, banana bread, and dinner sent from mom. 
Not only that, but Morgan declared she was here to clean and pack. 
And they both had overly welcome arms for the baby. 

I wanted to cry. 
I still do, just thinking about it. 

Told you I was lucky. 

So, now I'm packed. 
Abby is packed. 
Dustin is packed. 
Our car is three feet lower to the ground (um, babies require a large amount of...everything!)

And I'm still so, so anxious about (and somewhat dreading) this week. 
But, I'm prepared. Thanks to my family that makes me this lucky girl I am. 

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