The Master Planner

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In other news (yes, I can speak of something other than this baby; although it did take me a minute to switch my mind from baby mode), the Mr. is still job searching furiously. This is one of the times in our lives where faith comes into play, I believe. We have to believe that there is a God who is aware of us; there is a God who knows what is best for us; there is a God who has brought us our current circumstances; and there is a God who (if we do our part) will let things fall into place for us. It may be that these circumstances mean Dustin working a job that he is not particularly interested in (or something he doesn't want to do forever) for a year until he starts graduate school. We'll see. I just never realized how hard it is to say "we'll see" until now.

But, there is a God. This I know. And He has brought us to the circumstances we are currently facing, circumstances we wouldn't have necessarily planned for ourselves, but wouldn't change for the world. As everyone always says, things never turn out how you plan; but, over the last couple of years I have become a firm believer that though they are not how I planned, they work out. They work out way better than I could have ever imagined, or planned for myself. God is a much better planner than I.


He knew I should meet this perfect boy; this boy who really is perfect for me:

And say yes when he asked me a question:

He knew I needed to do this (at the right place):

And  now I see and love this adorably perfect face everyday:

And for that reason, we are now this:

Did I mention that we get to be this for not only time, but all eternity?

Yeah, thank goodness there's a much better planner than I. 

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