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I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed today. I was yesterday, too. And I don't think it will change tomorrow. 

We have a busy summer. And it's just starting. 
I'm going to give you a run down to pretend that you feel overwhelmed with me. It makes me feel better. Even if you don't. 
Next week we leave or two family reunions. For a week. With a six week old babe. 
Is it just me or is it like a million times harder to pack for a baby to even go overnight than to pack for me and the husband to go for three months?
After we get back, we bless the babe three days later. Not in our home town. So, I get to pack again. 
That same weekend is packed to the brim with Ackerman family fun with Chase's farewell, and the sealing of Mike and Sam's family. Like I said, super duper fun and exciting, but packed. 
Then, we return, only for the husband to take the biggest test of his college career two days later. And his research projects for work are due. Minimum requirement for the papers: 45 pages. Yikes. 
(Yes, I understand I have no reason to be overwhelmed compared to my superstar spouse)
Then it's finals for the both of us.
Graduation for the Mr. 
It looks like we'll be returning to the valley that I love, at least a short time, until a career opportunity presents itself. Or grad school for the husband the following year. 
The unknown is enough to throw me over the edge. 
And then Brandon and Tori get married. 

And my hair is awful right now. 
It hasn't been done in almost a year. Please don't tell, I'm already embarrassed.

At least the unknown will be taking place in the valley that I love. 
My husband will run himself to the ground making sure he is taking care of Lady A. and me.
He's the most perfect example of a provider. Him and his excel sheet budgets.
(they are the reason we have been able to live off of savings since March-when I quit work) 
We have a place to live in the beloved valley (thanks to the G. Bon, always watching out for us). 
Our families are overly generous. Always helping this insane momma. 
I have the best, easy tempered babe. 

Did I mention her baby breath will solve anything? 
I could cuddle up to her taking her in all day every day. 

 And she's ridiculously adorable. 

And we have snow cones. There's always snow cones. 

I'm actually incredibly excited for all of these things. 
It just seems like a lot right now. 
One day at a time.
 (accompanied by our now sleepless nights)

Oh, on a side note, with all of these exciting things going on, I need my hands free more than usual.
Does anyone use a baby carrier they are in love with? 
Moby Wrap? Yay or Nay?

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