One on One with Syd and Josh

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Dustin's amazing sister Lacey went through the temple (since she's going on a mission to Dallas, Texas!!) on Tuesday. 
I'm still a new mom of a new newborn so I knew the session would be too long for both Abby and I. But, we were passing through Preston to get to the temple, so I got dumped there along with the baby. Dustin went on to the temple. 
I say I got dumped because I'm not kidding, once you have a baby people forget you. 
That's alright. She's far cuter and way more lovable than I'll ever be. At least she's my offspring. 

Great Grandma Bonnie was able to come up and love on Miss Abby

Josh and Syd came back up to hang with the little missy some more. 
She sure does love them; and boy, they love her! The spoiled girl. She deserves it. 

Dustin came home early to hang out with all of us for the afternoon. 
We made a run for some Frisbee for all of us (how lame are we for not having Frisbee already? You would think we weren't about to graduate from BYU-Idaho, where the main sport is ultimate Frisbee.) and headed to the park to play some Frisbee golf. 
And then a snow cone stop. An obvious choice, especially when you spend time at the Ackerman household. 

Watching a movie, tired, after a fun afternoon
Abby's so loved, she gets admired all the time. Even in the bath. 

It's so much fun watching my little siblings (who are all of a sudden not so little) be aunts and uncles. 
I think they think it's pretty fun too. 

And those who don't, really need to follow Sydney's blog. It's the best. 

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