Pre Birthday Celebrations

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I'm pretty well known to count down my birthday. I don't think that will ever stop. 
But, it did in fact subside since having this baby. What can I say? She's way more fun to celebrate everyday. 

I used to dread birthdays on Sunday. Doesn't everyone?
Despite my Sunday birthday, my wonderful husband has made it a point to find make my weekend special. 
He always goes out of his way to make me feel special. 

We hung out this morning. 
Watching Lost and taking our time (my time) to get ready. 

Then, per the husband's instructions, we got ready to go shopping. 

 She's way cuter than I, so I'll show you pictures of her all ready. 
 We hit the mall pretty hard. 

Deseret Book, because the husband knew the way to my heart: a new book. 

As well as some super comfortable shoes. 
I'm sure I'll be wearing these all summer. 
There went what little motivation I have to not dress in sweat pants. 

Then a movie and cuddling in the dead middle of the afternoon. 
One of my very favorite things. Like always. 
We went for a walk and ate in. 

What a spoiled girl I am. 
I got the perfect Saturday of lounging and being with my new little family. 

PS, I love that my husband and daughter humor my love for birthdays and holidays. 
What sweeties. 

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