She Loves To See The Temple

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Abby has this infatuation with a picture that hangs in our living room. It hangs above our couch; it's one of our very favorite pictures, generously given to us for our wedding from our Aunt Christie and Uncle Sammy. We love it. And now Abby does too. Seriously, this baby, who is just starting to focus on faces and other objects, will find this picture from anywhere in the room. She calms as soon as her eyes focus on it. And there is no breaking the gaze.

I know, weird.

But, here's the thing. It's a picture of the Manti, UT LDS Temple.

This is the temple Dustin and I chose to be married in, not only married, but sealed for time and all eternity. Through this sealing each of our children is sealed to us - so we became a family unit that summer day. For all eternity, we can be together. Pretty special.

I have a feeling Abby knows it's pretty special. I don't know how much she knows, but it seems she knows quite a bit. Maybe it's a familiar place to her. I hope so, I hope it stay familiar to her. I hope that she lives a life that lead her to the temple. I hope she loves to see the temple, and dreams of going there someday.

This was taken today from my phone.
Don't mind the messy couch, it's a fun lazy Sunday afternoon as a little family. 

The Manti Temple on July 30, 2011 - The day we were sealed for eternity as a family
I sure am grateful we are an eternal family. Being worthy to go to the temple takes sacrifice and a lot of effort. The blessings are infinite and so, so worth it. 

I hope my baby knows this. I hope I can teach her this.

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