Some More Introductions

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 A couple of weekends ago, during Miss Abby's second week, the Fulford's came to visit for Morgan's graduation (which we very, very sadly had to miss). We knew that she had to meet the Fulford's, besides, Morg had yet to meet her. So, we planned a trek the the best place on earth. She even got to meet Great Grandma Harrison, and Great Grandma Evelyn. Also in the mix of meetings was Grammy Abby and Gramps (Abby being the significant name here) and Grandma Julie (an ever important introduction) and Richard.

Visits, kisses, and a spoiled babe all around.

So, because I believe my baby is the cutest baby around, I'm going be a mommy blogger and overload on pictures.

Four Generations 

Meeting Grammy Abby and Gramps (and of course - a must - getting her toes counted and named)

How adorable is this?

Cousin Makenna 

 Cousin Mason

Cousin Brock 

Abby gets so much attention - she gets her diaper changed and everybody crowds around. Too cute. 

Finally meeting Aunt Morgan

And, of course, Aunt Traci
The weekend was so enjoyable, as expected. Abby did have her first rough night (meaning a sleepless night for her mom and dad) but don't worry about her, she was rocked and loved the entire day. Just for the record, once you have a baby, you come second. Nobody rocks and loves you anymore. But, I can't blame them, Abby is far cuter than I.

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