Ackerman Reunion

by - 1:49:00 PM

We are back in our little apartment. 
The husband is still overwhelmed with things to do;
hopefully this calms down after next week a.k.a graduation. 
Meanwhile, Abby and I are hanging out, enjoying one another's company 
(I swear, I hardly see her when we are around family, she's too loved),
lounging in our pajamas, and putting off things that need to be done. 

We started off our adventures with the Ackerman family reunion in Junction, UT. 
Apparently they rent out the old courthouse for things like this. 
Things meaning large family reunions. 


We arrived late Friday night (after stopping to see Tanya and her baby).
Just in time for everyone to touch Abby a few times and get to bed. 
The next morning a family softball game was organized,
followed by breakfast, 
and a trip to Manti. 

It was so fun to see family we haven't seen for so long, 
or in my case, family I've never met. 
They all loved on Miss Abby, and I can hardly blame them. 

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