Blessing Day

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Sunday was our baby girl's blessing day. 
It was such an amazingly special day. 
I'm so grateful to have a husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood and give our baby a name and a blessing from our Father in Heaven. 
I am so grateful and humbled to be the mother of such an amazing daughter. 
I am grateful for all of our family and friends who support us so much. 

Abby wore my blessing dress. 
If that wasn't special, I don't know what is.

 Like I said, we are supported and loved from so many people.
Abby Grunig, Abby's namesake,
Richard and Julie Westerberg-
These people have molded me, changed me, and made me better.
I admire them so much, and I know Abby will grow up to do so as well.

 And, our family.
They love us day to day.
Spoil us.
Love Abby beyond belief. 
And, they worked their tails off to make the day a success.

It was a beautiful day. 
I think one of my favorite parts, 
was a simple moment I never want to forget. 

Immediately after the blessing, Dustin sat down with Abby, 
she was still in his arms. 
We were holding hands, both of us looking at Abby, in total awe. 
And a few minutes later I yawned. 
Dustin looked at me and whispered, "Whoa, that's a big yawn!"
In a total and complete baby talk voice. 
It was a sentence we often say to Abby,
and he said it out of habit to me - in response to my yawn.

It was in that moment that I really realized we were a family. 
I realized I couldn't imagine life without our precious girl. 
As we laughed, and tried to keep it reverent, 
I relished in the moment that we are 
a forever family. 

I can' think of anything better. 

PS: you can see my thoughts to Abby on her special day recorded here.

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