College Grad

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The husband graduated on Friday. 
July 20th. 

I'm so proud. 
He worked so hard to get there. 
He did multiple internships and worked for free many times to get all the experience he could. 
Besides that, how many people can make it to graduation in financial economics and like it

The day started when we accidently slept in. 
Cuddled with Abby. 

Our families came for lunch. 
Dominoes pizza and Jones Soda. 
(The husband's request)

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. 

We headed up to campus and snapped some pictures prior to graduation. 

Did you know it was the largest graduation for the BYU of Idaho thus far?
That's right, over 1600 students graduating this semester. 

Abby was kind of a little stink. 
But, to be fair, she has had like two days like that ever. 
And we had messed up her schedule. 
So, all things considering, I take it back. She was quite good.

I was so proud of Dustin. 
It didn't really hit me until the processional started. 
I got all teary and mushy and said to my mom, 
"This is so exciting!" 
And it really was. 

My husband, Abby's Daddy, does so much to make sure we have good lives. 
Both presently and in the future. 

I'm pretty sure we're the luckiest girls around. 

Congratulations to the love of my life. 
That hard work has paid off. 

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