Large Brain Space

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One time, in high school, we decided to buy the boys hats for the girl's choice dance. 
Our conversation went something like this (remember, I was especially sassy at this time in my life, so I deserved whatever I had coming my way):

Me: What size of hat do you need? Or, wait, do they have to special order it?
Date: Just M/L
Me: *scoff* (begin to walk away)
Date: Why don't I buy you a hat instead?
Me: What? That's not what everyone else doing, it wouldn't make sen-
Date: It's be easier for me to know the size to get for you. I'll just try it on a basketball. 
(PS, that was one of the funnest dates I went on in high school)

The sad thing, there is great accuracy in his sarcastic statement. 

It was no surprise that Abby's head was measuring large the whole time she was gestating. 

Today Abby had her two month doctor's appointment. 

Here's her stats: 
Length: 55%
Weight: 33%
Head: 94%

Not really any surprise here either. 
I think she's lucky.
(if you put aside the fact that she will never find hats that fit, let alone in the women's section)
It just means that we have more brains.

oh, and she got shots today. 
I've administered plenty of shots in my lifetime. 
To adults and babes. 

It's so much harder when it's your own child. 
I didn't turn into the crazy, bawling mom. 
But it did break my heart and make me cuddle her more than usual today. 

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  1. Thank you for choosing to vaccinate your child. You are a responsible human being.