One on One with the Grams

by - 2:06:00 PM

From the Ackerman Reunion we went straight to Richfield, 
where we had a couple of days to ourselves with Grandma H. 
She spoiled us rotten.

Abby and I held up tradition and attended the patriotic program with the grams Sunday night. 
Dustin stayed in the hotel and worked all.night.long. 

The next day grandma took us to Mexican food for lunch, the Ideal Dairy (of course)
and we paid a special visit to the cemetery. 

I love that we got some alone time with Grandma H. 
I love that Abby gets to know her. 
She means so much to us.

It was so fun to be there with her, 
doing all of the things I did growing up. 
I loved telling Abby and Dustin about my memories with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Jean. 
I can't wait for Abby to make memories like mine with Grandma. 
They are priceless. 

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