The Constant

by - 9:37:00 PM

Have I mentioned how much I adore these two?

We're in kind of an awkward, changing, unknown time in our lives. 
Luckily, my little family is constant. 
I'm more confident in change and an unknown future than I have been before. 
That's probably a surprising statement to those who have been following our family for awhile. 
I'm usually a mess when it comes to change. 
I won't say that I'm void of any anxious feelings, or freak out sessions. 
Don't see something that calm and composed in my future...ever. 
But, I've been fairly able to contain myself. 

It has everything to do with the fact my best friend and I get to have sleepovers every night, 
no matter what the change brings. 
And that I have the cutest baby I get to drag along with me. 
These constants make change bearable. 

And maybe due, a little tiny bit, to the snow cones I convince the husband to indulge in five days a week. 

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