A Whole Lotta Harrisons

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The Harrison family reunion was held over the 3rd and the 4th of July. 
As per tradition. 
Are you starting to sense a fad with the Harrisons?
Everything is per tradition. 

We had loads of fun with family and friends. 
It was the first time since Grandpa's funeral that everyone has been together. 
This obviously called for a quick family photo. 
I love what Uncle Shane said about this: 
"That's a whole lotta Harrison's in one place!"
Heaven bless the town of Richfield for hosting us all. 

There was a surprise birthday party for Grandma following the kid's parade. 
A couple months late, too. 
So, needless to say, she was pretty surprised. 

If the surprise part wasn't good enough, there were 20 dozen Krispy Kremes.
As well as ample other goodies. 

Dustin ran his first 5K fun run. 
Also a tradition. 
He says he made the mistake of trying to keep up with Kendon the first mile. 
Mind you, Kendon is about 10 years younger and running is his sport.
But, he did amazing! 
He took 8th in his age division. 
Abby and I were pretty darn proud.

We hit the parade on the 4th, swam for awhile, and then hit the road. 
The daddy of our little family had an immense amount of work awaiting him post vacation.

Here's a few (or a lot) pictures to document:

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