Abby At Three Months

by - 9:45:00 PM

Today my baby is three months old. 
Three whole months! 
Where does time go when you have a miniature human as cute as this one living in your house?
It flies, that's for sure. 

She's growing amazingly fast. 
Compare her one month and two month pictures for yourself.  

She seriously lights up our every day. 
She is so mellow. 
She smiles when you glance her way. 
And, I'm pretty sure she's crazy about us too. 
Especially her daddy. She loves her daddy. 

She sleeps through the night, and blows raspberries. 
Oh, and has the most adorable bald ring around her head; and a receding hair line that even gives her daddy's a run for the money. 
Who new a girl could be so cute bald?

It seems she changed from an infant to a baby overnight. 
I blinked. She changed. 
No more of that for this mama. 
Although, I'm eating up the interacting time. 

I hope she always finds my off key singing and raspberry blowing hilarious. 
I hope she always calms down when I hold her. 
I hope the sound of my voice soothes her, and makes her search the crowd for me. 

These are the things that make my laundry pile higher and higher. 
The dishes to sit for days. 
And my vacuum to go days without being run. 
I'm busy soaking it all in.
Because sometimes I blink, 
And I miss it. 

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