Caribou County Fair

by - 3:10:00 PM

The Caribou County Fair is quite the ordeal.
This was my first year attending as last year at this time we were on our attention as demanded at our reception.
Oh how things change in a year's time.

The importance of the event to the small community might be compared to that of a certain famous rodeo in other counties.
The occupants of the few small towns come out of the woodwork to participate in the festivities.

Our little family even made the trek. Twice.
(The fact that we have yet to attend a famous rodeo did present itself in conversation between the husband and I and this will most certainly be remedied next year.)

Apparently the hypnotist show is quite the event.
We enjoyed it, especially as we witnessed Brandon begging for Barbie dolls.
Lady A. was not amused with all of the applause constantly interrupting her ever conveniently timed nap. 

We also attended the parade with family.
Abby's cute cousins sure do dote on the lovable babe.

Not to mention the aunts and uncles.

One thing is for sure, the baby will never lack hands to hold and adore her.

You know you have a legitimate Idaho parade when the miniature tractor makes its appearance.

By the end of the day Abby had had enough.

We indulged in some 'fair food' and took in all that we could from the county fair,
including ample salt water taffy and tootsie rolls.  

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