Family Date Night

by - 8:33:00 PM

I think I've mentioned multiple times before that since having Lady A. join our family our date nights have been altered. 
We don't have a problem with it. 
In fact, I think we quite enjoy it. 

Having a precious addition to our family makes us laugh everyday. 
Multiple times a day. 
It makes us slow down, and enjoy the gummy smiles, and even the blow outs. 

After Dustin was done with school
(done with the intense work, that is - pre-graduation)
we decided it was time for a family date night, as they had been neglected for some time. 

The drive-in movie seemed to present itself as the perfect outing. 
We wouldn't have to worry if Miss Abby screamed the whole time. 
Besides, there were two movies showing that we both wanted to see. 


We got all dressed down in our jammies. 
Because, yes, we are that old. 
Just the thought of seeing two movies beginning after 9 pm made us exhausted.

 It started to rain just as the first movie was starting. 
And rained the whole time. 
So, we hung out in our little car, 
as a little family. 
Trying to see the movie through the fog on the window. 
 It was probably a blessing that it rained, though. 
It kept us hunkered down inside, 
and allowed Abby to crash. 
(as well as D. and I...whoops)

Thank goodness for simple, family date nights. 

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