by - 9:58:00 PM

One afternoon, after some phone interviews for Daddy Dustin, we were just hanging out - watching Cheers.
Enjoying ourselves as family. 
See below: 
Daddy and Abby intently watching Coach. 

 I've been threatening to attempt my hand at the game of golf. 
You see, my husband is an avid golfer. 
And he is determined Lady A. will be also. 

I hate the idea of the family going out without me. 
And since marrying this man of mine, I've become rather fond of the game. 
Don't tell him; he can't be let in on my secret. 

And though I do love riding with him in the cart;
I'd like to be able to at least hit the ball off the tee
(even if it does only go two feet).

But, my pride holds me back. 
I get nervous to make a fool of myself. 
And I knew (know) it's unavoidable. 

So, our afternoon of Cheers watching was uninterrupted as D. dragged me out on the course. 

I surprised myself, and was even able to hit the ball a couple times. 
It didn't travel far, 
but I'm set on practice. 
But, I did indeed look like a fool. 

I do think I'll always enjoy watching my better half play, though. 

Here's to a new family sport. 
And episodes of watching Sam Malone and Coach. 

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