Good Old Days

by - 3:00:00 PM

There is nothing better than being married. 
And now that I'm a mother, 
I know that nothing compares to that. 
I'll admit, Abby is the best part of us. 

Staying up past midnight, 
chatting on the phone,
midnight runs for junk food,
and taking hours to say goodnight seems like an eternity ago. 

Now our lives look more like:
three of us dozing on the couch at 8:30pm. 
And usually Abby ends up between us in bed around 3:30 am. 
Our runs for junk food usually end up as a splurge on a diet pop at the grocery store checkout. 
Truth be told, 
I feel like I'm living the life. 

The other night, Dustin and I had a taste of the old days. 
Abby fell asleep early, 
without any coaxing. 
We stayed up well past midnight, 
talking about everything from our problems and stresses to Abby and our blessings. 

Around 1:00 am I was craving watermelon like something awful. 
(Is it just me, or are post pregnancy/nursing cravings way worse than pregnancy cravings?)
My sweet husband ran to Wal*Mart. 
He returned with a whole watermelon,
utensil stuck right in the middle (just the way I like to eat it...disgusting, I know). 
Candy bars. 
And a bonus: Diet DP. 

He really knows how to make me swoon, I tell ya. 

Here's to the good ol' days. 

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