Like Mother Like Daughter

by - 9:09:00 PM

Throughout my life I've been mocked for many reasons. 
Through junior high I didn't brush my hair for a whole year. 
No lie. 
I always have my nose in a book. 
I cry in romantic movies. 
I cry when life changes. 
Heck, I just cry constantly. 
I became obsessed with my crushes. 
I would do just about anything if I was bribed with Taco Bell. 
I love Star Wars. 
When I start laughing, my nose flares and I can't  breathe. 

A consistent source of mockery has always been my abnormally large mouth. 
Earlier tonight I was showing my husband some old pictures;
proof, if you will, of my large mouth (proof that I should indeed be mocked for it, at least).
He was genuinely embarrassed to be married to me. 
 I won't tell him about the 60 pieces of double bubble; 
that'd be really embarrassing. 

While the family was together for my cousin's baby blessing the other day, 
I was tormented and teased until I proved I could fit my fist in my mouth...still.
They knew I could perform in the past, but apparently that wasn't enough. 

A couple days later...

these pictures were snapped. 

Like mother like daughter. 
My poor daughter;
she didn't have any choice but to be my offspring. 

I do worry about the sanity of my husband, however. 
He chose to marry me. 

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