by - 9:49:00 PM

We have so much fun being parents. 
We have the "first time parents" thing down. 
That's for sure. 

We laugh at every face she pulls. 
All day. Everyday. 
We mimic every action, sound, or movement she makes. 
We are sure she can understand us. 
And, most of the time, our conversations travel through Miss Abby. 
For instance: just this evening Dustin asked Abby (three and a half months, if you didn't know),
"Abby, does Mommy want to go on a walk?"
To which I replied, 
"A family walk would be fun, huh baby girl?"

Pathetic, we know. 
And we proudly flaunt it. 

That's not the point of this post. 

As our baby grows,
she changes. 
Go figure. 

Some tell us she looks exactly like me. 
Some tell us she looks like Dustin. 

So, I was shuffling through some of our baby pictures to compare at this stage. 
I thought I'd share. 

Me as a baby-around Abby's age

Dustin as a baby-around Abby's age
The following two pictures were snapped of Abby only this past week:

When she was an infant, I was more inclined to think she had my looks. 
But, now, I'm leaning toward her looking more like her Daddy. 

We sure do love this little girl. 
She's growing and changing so much. Everyday she interacts more and more. 
My favorite part of the day is getting her out of bed in the morning. 
Her smile is contagious. 

I'd like to think she's the  best of both of us. 

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