New Addition to the Family

by - 9:52:00 PM

Brandon and Tori got married last week. 
We were lucky enough to be able to spend their special day with them and the rest of the family. 

It's such a special feeling when a couple is sealed in the temple, by the right authority
Because this means that they are forever. 

The joy on their faces lasted the whole day. 

 There was a little open house in Grace that night. 
Complete with soft ice cream and topping. 
Very dangerous for moi - doesn't help the baby weight that still needs to be lost. 

 And, of course, they were sent away with class. 

Sent away, as the first time, as the Ackermans. 

We sure love Brandon and Tori around this house!
So, congratulations newly founded Ackermans!
Love, the other Ackermans. 

PS, we are so glad we get to have Tori in the family forever now. 
My in-laws have always been good, and it just keeps getting better. 
Spoiled me. 

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