The Move

by - 12:30:00 PM

Our moving process was filled with a lot of procrastination, episodes of Lost on Hulu, 
and tears from this momma.
Miss Abby helped us out immensely by starting a great schedule that week. 
Thank goodness for terrific babies. 

Although, one day, she did have a rough time falling asleep. 
I laid her on our unmade bed, 
turned my back and found her crashed on our sheets. 

To move a sleeping babe or not? 
I nearly left the bed as it was and let her sleep. 
The lessons I've learned as a new mom. 

 I did, as always, get incredibly nostalgic as we packed up our first little home. 
This was the first place Dustin and I lived together. 
This was the place we fought over sides of the bed, or who was smothering who. 
We cooked meals together. 
We decorated, and furnished our first apartment, and made it our home. 
This was the place I cried to my husband when I found out I was pregnant. 
Not because I was sad, but because I felt incredibly inadequate. 
This was where we brought our first baby home. 

This is where we became a family. 
So many memories that we will cherish forever.

My nostalgia was cured by multiple walks to the snow cone shack 
and visits with friends. 

 Not to mention, the adorable face of my Baby A. 

 The night or keys were set out to turn in the next morning, 
We spent the night on an air mattress in our bedroom. 
Our last night in our first shared bedroom. 
Abby slept soundly next to us as we cuddled, reliving some of our favorite memories in our home. 
It was a night I won't forget;
one of the most tender times as we laughed and I cried. 

 Abby was a trooper the next morning; 
smiley and adorable as we prepared to pull away in the U haul. 
Did I mention the U haul? 
Expertly packed by my confident husband as I doubted his skills. 
Never will I doubt again. 

And we pulled away.
With our first home in our rear view mirror, and only the unknown ahead of us. 
As a family. 
Embarking on a new adventure. 
Ready or not. 

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