Abby At Four Months

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First off, Abby is four months and one week now, and I'm just getting around to this. 
Secondly, these pictures were taken at four months and one day. 
Bad mom award: right here. And well deserved. 

We got home from church, that Sunday, I pulled out the camera to capture pictures (before I changed her out of her Baby Gap dress, and before I forgot-if we're being completely honest) and she was all smiles and giggles. Turned on the camera and:
The smiles stopped immediately. 
This girl. I tell ya, she knows. She knows what she's doing. 
And she does it to spite me, I believe. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin right here, folks. 
At least she can pull that off rather adorably. 

Abby's third month of life is when here personality really started to shine. 
We are totally and completely smitten with our little lady. 
Spit fire personality and all.
All in all, she is incredibly mellow and all smiles and coos. 
Constantly, my heart is melted. 
I wish I could count how many times a day those cheeks get kissed. 

At her four month check up she weighed in at a grand total of 13 lbs 12 oz (in the 50th percentile),
and seems to be growing into that noggin' ranking in the 85th percentile for height. 

She has rolled from her tummy to her back a number of times, but never to show off. 
She keeps that limited to times that are strictly convenient for her.  

She loves her toes and her hands, and often can be found sucking (and drooling profusely) on any number of fingers-or her whole fist, at that. 
She still adores the binky, and if we are holding it in any proximity to her face she will make a dive for it. 
I was unsure about using one when she was born (does every hospital nursery nurse have to scare the living daylights out of you?) but all I have to say now is thank heaven for that binky. 

Little Lady loves to sit up and observe the world. 
Under no circumstance will she cuddle with anyone while awake. 
Both the Bumbo and Boppy for support have become my best friend. 
But, she only lasts in those for a limited time, and then demands all attention focused on her again. 
She rules the roost around here. 
When laid on her tummy she frantically kicks her lets and throws her head on the ground, in effort to get somewhere, I assume. 
This will usually result in her rotating in circles. 
During the night, she can be found with her head at the opposite end of the crib. 

Like her momma, she isn't afraid to let her feelings be known in the most theatrical of ways. 
She can let out a screech (sounding more like a death cry than anything) when she thinks she is being ignored-a.k.a. doesn't have all eyes on her at all times. 
Can you say, "Diva?"

Abby loves to blow raspberries, and expects to be mimicked. 
Thus, her daddy and I can often be found strolling through public places apparently spitting on our child. 
She is often swimming in a puddle of her own slobber-which doesn't seem to bother her at all, but drives her mommy crazy. 
She can often be found talking to herself, or her feet. 

Abby sleeps through the night (sorry to all the mommies out there who don't have this luxury), 
and usually takes a couple of naps during the day. 
I say usually, because also like her momma, she likes a schedule and when that is thrown off, she becomes a tyrant and refuses to sleeps. 
Abby is still nursing most of the time (she takes a bottle about once a day, when desperate). 
We don't have intentions of starting her on whole foods just yet. 
Her schedule is here own, and we work around her. 
Sleep training is not really my forte, but I do try to keep her somewhat regular-for both of our sake. 

I have always adored watching Abby interact with her Daddy (my two favorite people in the world), 
but this last month has been the highlight thus far. 
She adores him. 
And everyday she turns turns into his clone more and more. 
She often falls asleep with her hand wrapped firmly around his finger, 
and he usually receives the first smile come morning time. 
She talks to him constantly. 
When she hears his voice she frantically throws her head around, searching for him.
Besides, they have matching hairlines. 

Abby has been the light in our family. 
Recently, as a family, we have been facing challenges that try and test our patience and faith.
All it takes is one glance at that precious face to put it all in perspective. 
She is such a sweet girl. 
Everyday changing and growing, and making our family better.

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