First Day of Fall

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D. is back reffing football. 
One of his favorite times of year, fall is. 
Football on every weekend.
Talk of football. 
He refs football. 
And not to mention, snowboarding season is so close he can taste it. 

I also love fall. 
I love football, I prefer watching a game live. 
I also prefer to watch only the last quarter or so, when it starts to get really exciting. 
But, I do enjoy a good game. 

This time of year will always hold a special place in my heart. 
It was at this time of year that Dustin and I first met. 
(you can read each of our versions of "our story" here and here)

One of our first dates (or outings, would more accurately describe it, I guess)  was to a high school football game. 
His little brother's football game. (who is currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints--we are so proud of him!)
Romantic, right?
It was actually. It was perfect. 

Anyway, we celebrated the first day of fall by hanging out with the Ackermans all weekend and topping it off with a couple little league/Jr. High games as well as a Grace High game, just for fun. 
Though watching the game made us miss Chase, 
it sure was fun (minus the half hour Abby had a bit of a meltdown). 

Abby was bundled in Grizzly colors (looking especially adorable in her red coat from Aunt Katie). 
It was a brisk fall night. 
And a very close game. 

Welcome fall. Bring on the big sweaters, hot chocolate, and pumpkin flavored everything in abundance. 

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  1. Alyssa, I love reading your blog! Reading these made me miss some of our silly adventures in the few semesters we lived together. I'm so happy for Dustin for landing such a great job :) If you two are in SLC for Christmas... So will Sean and I be. Your daughter is adorable. Anyways, know that I stalk you.

    bless all three of you.