Fun With Friends

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Does this post title sound like a song from Barney and Friends, or what?

As stressful as this time in our new home (in the place I call home, I guess you could say),
we have loved having time to attend special occasions of family and friends. 
And most of the time, we don't as for an occasion, we just crash their parties and take up their time. 
We love it. 
I don't know that we've asked if they do yet. 
But that's beside the point. 

One of Dustin's best friends, Steve, was sealed to a lucky girl in the Salt Lake City Temple. 
We love Steve, and were so glad we got to be there on the special day.
We are especially glad he found someone equally special to share his eternities with. 
Abby was a trooper and hung out with us on Temple Square
(Although she did attempt to ruin the group pictures by screaming the whole time)
and a quick walk around the new City Creek Center (which may or may not have included a split piece of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory). 

And yes, we did have to pull over in a vaccant parking lot for a quick feeding.
Embarrassing, we know. 
But, parenthood results in many such events. 

One of my favorite things about living in this area again is being so close to my best friend, Tanya. 
Remember her? I've talked about her so, so much.  
So, Tanya had a baby two months before Lady A. graced us with her presence. 
And we are sure they are destined to be best friends. 

We've got to see Tanya and Kennedy a few times since the move and every time makes me grateful for friends like Tanya. 
If you don't have a friend like her, I'm not sharing. But you really should get one. 

 One of our adventures included a trip to the local pool. 
So fun. 
Abby loved it; 
obviously both babies did, actually, they both fell asleep in the pool for a good hour. 

 And yes, the diaper cost me $7  at the pool, 
and drown my babe. it couldn't have kept anything in if she would have messed it. 

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