Labor Day

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Labor Day weekend was spent at Dustin's special place.
Dustin claims he didn't know I hate camping when we got married. 
I hope this fact wouldn't have changed his mind. 

I think I would even go as far as to describe it as his sanctuary. 
And that's why I went camping. It's his sanctuary. 
We headed up to the Beaver Dams to spend time with the Smith family. 

Every time I've driven up there with him, the ride is full of Dustin's memories. 
I love listening to him tell me about his childhood. 
I especially love his memories of his grandpa, and I think that is a lot of the reason he loves this place so much. 

The family has a small, one room cabin up there.
So much fun. 
Next time we go, I just hope Abby and I get to participate in some of the festivities a little more. 
We spent most of the evening/night cooped up in a tent; Abby was in tears. 
By the end of the night, I was too. 

The family divided into two groups-
and re created their own version of survivor. 
Everyone loved it. 

 There was ample food and goodies. 
I did indulge in those, way too much, in fact. 

I will say this, the Beaver Dams could grow on me. 
It is gorgeous. 
I just may need a running toilet. 

 Abby was a much better sport on Labor day. 
She did miss her naps, so required a whole lot of attention, but this is never lacking with all the family willing to dote on her hand and food. 

Labor day was spend playing games (including a spelling bee-congrats to Papa John). 
Guns were shot. 
How adorable is little lady in her ear plugs?

 D. was rather proud of his amazing shot-shooting the playing card and splitting it.
This isn't his card, but Andrew did the same thing, so you get the idea.

I have a feeling Abby will grow up loving this place just as much as her Daddy. 
I can't wait for the two of them to drive up that dirt road, with Dust telling reminiscing with her. 
Telling her all about his childhood (although I won't mind if he leaves out a few mischievous stories...).
I love that he loves this place so much. 
I hope the family traditions live on in the Beaver Dams.

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