Cherishing Fall

by - 10:29:00 PM

I love fall. 
I anticipate it every year. 
Sadly, in Idaho/Northern Utah it comes and goes very quickly. 
I'm determined to enjoy it to it's fullest while it lasts - as shortly as it does. 

Last week for our little family home evening we took a little stroll up the canyon. 
There's something about the crisp air, a cold nose, and changing leaves.
And football. Lots and lots of football.

Abby was an angel the whole time, drooling and thoroughly enjoying her Daddy toting her around. 

Tonight we celebrated the first day of October by baking a pumpkin pie (D's fav). 
He claims she was pretty excited for this. 

Happy first day of October! 
Around here we're cherishing fall days - and hanging on to summer a little longer. 
Maybe we'll hit the golf course a few more times. 
All in effort to put off the dreaded winter months.

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