Sister Lacey

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I've kind of put off writing this post. Mostly for the fact that I miss Lacey; I know, I'm a baby. 
Last weekend (the same weekend as Gaston's baptism - just because the Ackerman family loves to include all major events in a weekend's time) was Lacey's farewell. 
She did such a good job expressing her love for the gospel and her excitement to serve a full time mission
She was calm and composed. 
Very Lacey like. 

There was a fun family gathering following the meeting, according to tradition. 
Abby charmed the group, as always. 
Somehow we remembered that camera, but didn't use it except the picture of Abby and her grandparents. 

On her way to the MTC Sister Ackerman stopped by our house to say goodbye. 
Being the person I am, and hating change they way I do - I dreaded this. 
It's not that I'm not happy for her. 
I am so happy, so proud. 
But, I'm sad for me. 
Lacey has proved to be one of my greatest friends - even better, I get her as a sister (in-law). 
Not many people are that lucky. 

She loved on Abby. 
Gave us all hugs - and she was off. 


I'm so proud of you. We all are around here. We have no doubt you'll be the very best missionary. Those called to serve with you are the luckiest. You'll bless so many lives. We'll miss you everyday you're gone, and look forward to the day you'll have sleepovers with us again. 

Oh, and we will attempt to be better with letters and packages. 

Thanks for being such a good example, especially to me. 

Sending all our love your way!

The three of us. 

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