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This baby can throw a fit
Don't get me wrong. 
Lady A. is an incredibly calm, mellow girl. 
But, come 8 o'clock pm - the fit sets in. 
It's not even so much crying as...well, screaming. 
Angry, angry screaming.

This tantrum lasts for approximately one hour. 
Followed by giggles and constant smiles (especially for Daddy).
And then she refuses to sleep, at least until we do. 

Since she is such a mellow, happy baby (and because she sleeps all night - and then goes right back to sleep until about 9 or 10 in the a.m.- something I am hesitant to mention for fear of the mobs of angry moms headed my way) I know I have no reason to complain. 
I'm actually quite spoiled. 
She spoils me.

But, these fits!
Did I mention she arches her back now, especially when mad?
Ever the dramatic one, she throws her body back, arching as she goes. 
(The drama must be inherited from her Papi - ahem...)

I will say, she makes the most adorable pouty face I've ever seen.

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