A Day in the Life of Abby

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Hello everyone. My name is Abby. My Mama affectionately calls me Lady A./Baby A./Buggalugga boo boo. She can call me whatever she wants (for now) as long as she does everything I want, when I want it. That's pretty much how our lives go. 
I love it.
I'm here to give you a glimpse into one of my days. 
Today was a lay-low kind of day. 
My mom and I took Daddy to the train early this morning, then we came home and snuggled in bed again. I fell asleep and she read.
I woke up again a little before nine, as usual.

Mom and I headed downstairs and we both ate a little oatmeal while my mom watched Kelly and Michael.

Mom got ready then. 
I played with a toy and watched reruns of The Office with her.

Then she told me it's my turn. 
She put me in the bath (my favorite thing) and then I got dressed.  

 Here's a mirror picture. 
Mom said we have to take a mirror picture to prove to Daddy we do actually get ready some days. 

 Mom made the bed and picked up their bedroom. And then we went back downstairs so she could clean up down there.                                         

 I look forward to my finally handing over this teething ring everyday. 
I breathe hard and fast, and wave my arms to show her how excited I am. 

 She loves me all day long. Everyday. 
My cheeks get kissed. a lot. 

 I drink my bottles during the day. 
Sometimes, if my mom gives me one around nap time, I fall asleep. 
Not today. 
I didn't even nap long enough for her to get a picture today. 
Pretty funny stuff, right?

 We got out the blocks today. 
I kept knocking them down and pulling apart mom's buildings. (she's not nearly as good a builder as Daddy -  I mean, bunnies on the roof? Really?)
Mom wouldn't let me play alone with them, something about the pieces being too small for me. 

 When mom brings me a bottle, I get really excited. 

 Today for dinner I ate some pears. I really like them. 
Then mom let me play with her spatula. Fair enough - I shared my blocks. 

Finally we got to pick up Daddy from the train. 
I hate it when he works late. Seeing him is my favorite part of the day. 

 Pretty soon after he got home I got grumpy. 
I'm pretty good at throwing fits when I'm tired. 
I try to yell loud enough the neighbors can hear me. 

 But, before I could go to bed, we had to watch Monday Night Football. 
Daddy's team is playing. 
Mom made some pizza and we watched the game together. 

 Daddy put me in my jammies for the night. 
I think I'll pretend I'm ready for bed, but really stay up and fuss. 
I like to try and fight sleep for as long as I can. 
Really, a fun game.

A day in the life of me, Lady A. 
Until next time - 


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  1. Way to train them, Abby! You got smart pretty fast.
    Love you, Grandma

  2. Dear Alyssa, you're little one is adorable. I was looking at some of the posts when we were roommates and then I missed you! And then I realized you don't have facebook anymore, and then I realized I lost your phone number. And so I don't know any other way to get a hold of you! And I'm pretty sure you are living in Utah, and so am I....so if you get a chance you should text me and maybe one day we can play :)
    From, Michelle

  3. Alyssa I love your blog! And I love your little Abby! She's beautiful. Sure miss you!