A Very Merry Un-Birthday

by - 11:00:00 AM

We celebrated Abby's half birthday with our friends, the Castros (including their baby - and Abby's future BFF) this weekend, a couple days after the six month mark. 
Complete with half a cake, a half decorated room, and half a birthday sign - we enjoyed cake and ice cream and rousing games of Pit and Clue (I know, we live on the edge). And by "we" I mean the adults (not to worry anyone paranoids out there - I did not feet my baby cake and ice cream). 
Abby was dying for a taste though. 
A girl after her mama's heart. 

Abby had ripped off one of her socks right before the picture. Dustin insisted we keep it off to keep with the theme.

(don't mind my cluttered dining room/table)

I asked Dustin if we were going to do this every year. He simply stated, "No."
He is a good sport to put up with my endless, ridiculous ideas. 

What can I say? I'll take any opportunity I can get to celebrate this little princess. 

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