Abby At Five Months

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We've been MIA for a while now. It seems life really started happening all of a sudden. By "happening" I mean we moved, D. started his new job, not to mention Lady A. has been a whirlwind of change the last month. 

Thus, I'm once again incredibly late blogging Abby's monthly post. Whoops. 
But, the five month mark rolled around right after our move. I'm thinking I'm excused. 

Last month I said Abby's personality really started to shine. I knew nothing then. I swear everyday I wake up to more and more personality in this tiny human(usually next to me in bed -- or rather, I wake up to her on my side of the bed and I'm on the floor). I melt. 
Abby is still happiest in the morning and unreasonably grumpy come eight o'clock in the evening. 
In her fifth month of life she mastered the art of rolling over from her back to her tummy, and puts herself to sleep much better now that she can sleep on her stomach. When tired enough, that is. 

Speaking of sleep, I think we are finally getting on a better schedule, let's cross our fingers (everyone, please). She takes a bottle about half of the time, and nurses the other half (she now eats solids at least once a day, but I think that happened after the five month mark, I'm attempting to revert back and keeping the line clear is tough). 
She still seems long and lean to me. We'll see at her six month visit. 

I'll admit, I'm scared of missing anything new. I stay home and play with her far more than anyone should admit. Every time she smiles at me I feel as if it's the first time. She loves to laugh (especially at herself) and has become quite ticklish. She loves the mirror and would sit in front of one and play with her reflection all day if I would let her. 

She also proudly learned to sit. She topples often, but it doesn't seem to phase her. She eats her toes constantly. She plays with toys, but prefers for Mom or Dad to entertain her. If left alone, she lets out a rather frightening growl or scream. Both tend to manifest themselves during church. 
She also coughs. I can't tell if it's a "fall cough" or if she's just discovered how to cough. It has lasted quite a long time if it is a fall cough. It usually happens when she wants attention. When she gets you to look at her she gets a really proud, satisfied look. 

During her fifth month she became increasingly more curious. She tries to follow conversations (the voices), and is especially interested in everything her daddy does. She is also highly entertained by Baby Einstein, but much prefers video clips of herself. At least she will have ample self confidence. 

Everyday I swear I'm going to see a tooth pop up. She gnaws on two fingers constantly. Her shirt is always soaking in drool. Someday. 

I love this stage. I think I say that at every stage. Sure, I miss my cuddly newborn (getting this girl to cuddle is impossible!) but I couldn't be more entertained. Since D. started work, Abby and I have once again resumed our quality bonding time. She's my shopping buddy, my cooking assistant, and actually my best conversationalist. I talk to her day in and day out. 
It is so fun to play with her and get a reaction. 

Sometimes I get a little weepy when I think of how fast these five (and a half) months have gone.  If someone would please invent a pause button, I'd invest all I own in it. 

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