Abby At Six Months

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Lady A. has been six months for three days now. 
If I could describe her changing personality over the last month in one word: curiosity. 
Watching her discover the world is one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced. 
I'll admit to worrying that I'm going to miss any new milestones if I blink. 
(My mom just reminded me of a quote from Cheaper By The Dozen: "Five minutes ago she was sitting on my shoulders, pointing at cows in Munger's field." "And then you blinked." "Yeah, enough with the blinking, no more blinking." 
Amen. No more blinking. 

Abby wants to touch and eat everything within eyesight. 
She lunges toward every.thing. Mouth open wide. Ready to devour the object. 
She probably could, given her large mouth

She often ends up frustrated due to the fact that everything always seems to be just out of her reach (usually on purpose). 
She is a champ at scooting backward. This usually results in a cry for help coming from under the coffee table, stuck in the rocking chair etc. Though she can't quite seem to figure out the solution to this predicament.
She teases us, hoisting herself up on her knees and rocking for a few minutes before falling back to her tummy. 

She sits like a champ rolls everywhere. 
It still amazes me how fast she is learning and growing. 
She can often be found sitting with one hand resting on her knee, twisting her hand contemplatively through her (very sparse) blonde hair. Hilarious. 

Personality is booming out of this one. She cracks us up constantly. 
She insists on holding her own bottle, laughs at her own jokes, and is a total ham for strangers. 
She makes the back row in Sunday School and Relief Society swoon (and by back row you know who I'm referring to). 
Today, she distracted one gentleman during Sacrament Meeting and stole his heart so fast he insisted on taking her to his bench with he and his wife. 
Little flirt. 

Her favorite time of day is still when Daddy gets home. 
She adores her daddy. He gives her his undivided attention from the moment he walks in the door. 
These two can usually be found watching Sports Center before bed at night. 

Speaking of bedtime, I'm the worst sleep trainer that every existed. I'm sure of it. 
With all of the chaos of the move (s), Dustin's new job, and trying to get on a new schedule for Abby and I - I've really been failing. 
She usually ends up in our bed - smack in the middle of Daddy and me. 
Naps are usually taken wherever she falls asleep, and I have to be in the room with her. If she even stirs in the slightest and discovers me not there it's like her whole world has been turned upside down. 
I attempted the whole "let her cry herself to sleep" trick a few times this last week. 
She cried for a solid hour - making herself gag a few times. 
I'd go back in, soothe her, put her binky back in. 
And instead of calming down, the whole process would start back over. 
She does sleep through the night, though. That's a plus. 
Although, I do not, seeing how she pushes me off the bed. 

The most entertainment she gets is from her reflection in the mirror. She squeals and slaps at the reflection. 
Equally, she thoroughly enjoys photos and videos of herself. She laughs, then dives for the phone - mouth open wide. 
Her favorite times are when she has Mom's or Dad's undivided attention. 
She has learned to throw her face into the ground when she wants more attention. 
Quite effective, sadly. 

Abbs eats like a champ. 
She adores sweet potatoes, pears, and homemade applesauce. 
I've been making the majority of the baby food - and really don't mind it. Though, it is getting harder to keep on top of the hungry little monster. 

At Abby's six month visit she weighed in at a whopping 16.8 lbs and is 26 1/2 in. 
(60% weight and 95% height - her head remains a glorious 95% as well)
I've been a little nervous about the solid foods process. Psyching myself out that I was going to do something wrong and mess up my baby for life. In the words of Dr. Mac, "I do not think you need to worry one bit about Abby's nutrition. Her growth is great." 

Abby is mostly in 6-9 month/9 month clothes (especially jammies), though she could benefit from some more 12 month pants - if they didn't fall off her bum all day long. Does anyone have a  clothing solution for a long baby? Thank goodness for baby jeggings. They have been the answer to a lot of my clothing dilemmas with the little lady. (besides being a lifesaver, they make her diapers sporting bum look adorable) 

Abby is super ticklish, especially at night when she is overly tired, and somewhat delirious. 
She loves to put her fingers in my mouth and when I make a eating noise she cracks up. 
Her sense of humor is absolutely hilarious. 

It's hard for me to believe that half a year ago this girl made us a family. 
I can't remember life without her. 
It takes me 10 times longer to get anything accomplished with her in tow, but every second is worth it. 
Her face lights up when she sees me. I'm her mom. Nobody else can take that. Nobody else can fill that role. 
Completely overwhelmed with joy. 

Our baby is growing like a weed. Meanwhile, her daddy and I are attempting to soak in every moment. 
And not blink. 

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