And Before I Forget: A Halloween Post

by - 4:32:00 PM

Halloween snuck up on us before we were ready for it. 
Because of this, I was prepared to let it slide by, unnoticed. 
(much like we spent last year lounging on the couch, watching Law and Order)
But, The Husband ended up with a second forced day out of the office, 
so we decided to head to the Jazz season opener. 

We hurriedly threw together some costumes, 
making sure to add an extra large flower to Abby's hat to guarantee the other fans saw her as a female official. 

Abby The little show off. 
When the fans would yell, Abby would yell. 
If she wasn't getting enough attention from the family sitting behind us, she'd yell. 
She giggled and grinned at anyone that oohed and ahhed over her. 
Such a little ham, already. 
I don't know where she gets the 'attention hog' personality.
Must be from her incredibly outspoken dad *ahem*

I'm not a fan of Halloween, 
but I'll admit - I thouroughly enjoyed this year's festivities. 
Dustin was a fan. Watching his Jazz, sporting the referee get-up one more time, and his wife sporting a Ben Roethlisberger's jersey. Right up his alley. 
Dressing up a little one can change every dreaded occasion, and make it way more fun. 
(although the missed bedtime did interfere with the fourth quarter)

Until next year...

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