Happy Birthday, Baby.

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Dustin's birthday rolled around soon after our move. 
We had our little place unpacked enough to function and were ready to party. 
The husband doesn't anticipate his birthday nearly as much as I do. 
In fact, I think most years he would be just fine treating his day of birth much like any other day and letting it slide by unnoticed. 

So, we compromise. 

I still buy presents. We go out, I make his favorite food and cake, but we don't make a "big deal," like I'd prefer. 

The day went something like this:
We slept in. 
We opened presents (including ample E.L. Fudge cookies). 
We went out to breakfast at IHOP (and much to D's disappointment, learned they no longer offer Nutella crepes).
Dustin went golfing while Little Lady and I baked a german chocolate cake. 
We grilled steak for dinner. 
And he settled down to watch the Cardinals game, The Office, and Parks and Recreation. 

I realized while writing this post that I never blogged his birthday last year. 
Between the nausea, vomiting, and constant fatigue that comes with early pregnancy, I barely made it through work and dinner that night. Wife of the year award, right?
So, here's a couple of pictures -- a flashback, if you will. 
One year earlier. 

We are two of the luckiest girls in the world to have a husband/daddy as good as this guy. 
He is so selfless, it's almost impossible to do anything for him.
How lucky we are to spend everyday with him. 
Here's to many more birthdays to come!

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