October: In Review

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Due to the crazy changes to our lives lately, I have obviously let the blogging slack. 
I believe we take a million phone photos every day. 
Most I Instagram, but for those of you who do not follow--
 here's a little photo catch up of our lives during the month of October - according to my phone. 

//Abby's first time sitting up on her own//Mommy and Abby at breakfast before General conference// 

//between conference sessions//

//I walked into the bedroom one night to find this adorable scene//the first really cool day of fall-heading to one of Uncle Kendon's cross country meets//

//Sunday nap in our new house//Little Lady the day she turned 5 months//

//FHE: warm snickerdoodles and a rousing game of Phase 10 Dice//we finally said goodbye to the mullet//

//my new favorite place (also my new weakness)//after a day at the air force museum//

//breakfast at IHOP for Daddy's birthday//shopping with Aunt Traci, and the girls//

//Abby's first day rockin' the baby Pumas (did I mention how long Dustin's been waiting for this day?)//

//Little Lady's first snow and a lazy morning in bed//

//Abby has discovered herself in the mirror and finds the reflection quite amusing//graciously turning down the oatmeal offer//

//Sleepy mornings after we drop Daddy off at the train//meanwhile, while she's supposed to be napping//

//Halloween (another post to come in more detail//enjoying Daddy's forced days off due to Hurricane Sandy (although we were enjoying the days here, our hearts and prayers go out to those directly affected by the storm)//

We are loving our lives in our new home. It's nice to have a little bit of stability (albeit a short time of guaranteed stability). Abby has turned into my little shadow, and I couldn't love it more. We shop, we nap, we cook, we clean--together. We love living so close to good friends, and are still relatively close to family. 
Dustin is doing great at work, and enjoying the new job. We are grateful every. single. day. for a good job. 

As you can see from the overload of pictures, our lives revolve around our little lady. 

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